A Urifunnel is a unique toilet urine splash guard. It is a plastic funnel like device that sits inside any toilet to convert into a urinal. Think of it as a urine deflector, a pee guard, a urine shield, a urine splash guard, hygiene adaptive aid for the toilet. It acts as a shield to channel urine or pee back into the toilet when males (from toddlers to adults) have issues missing the toilet.

This is a perfect bath aid for the disabled or elderly. Any male with a disability such as special needs to include Autism, blind, amputees, stroke patients, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and obesity can benefit from a Urifunnel. This is also great for potty training for toddlers. Overall, it improves hygiene care for the bathroom for everyone.

This unique toilet urine splash guard, the Urifunnel, has many commercial applications as well. For the elderly or senior citizens located in nursing homes, assisted living, retirement centers or even aging at home it addresses the primary concern of patient safety of slips and falls in the bathroom due to wet floors.

This unique toilet urine splash guard, the Urifunnel, serves the special needs community. The special needs population includes autism and the intellectually disabled and many other groups. They have a myriad of issues to confront daily and the Urifunnel helps solve at least one issue for parents and caregivers alike. We invented the Urifunnel to use for our own son and we know it works.

This unique toilet urine splash guard, the Urifunnel can help many others that need assistance with bathroom hygiene. This includes such diverse groups such as our proud wounded warriors, amputees and the blind.

The definition of Hygiene- “the condition or practice conducive to maintain health and preventing disease.” The terms of cleanliness and hygiene are often used interchangeably. Our product the Urifunnel can help.

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