Urifunnel User Comments

“It’s perfect! (Urifunnel) My husband got it out & put it together & our son started using it yesterday, So far it is great! Thanks so much!”
–Connie, Weatherford, Texas


“It is so easy to use, our son puts it into the toilet himself and removes it when he is finished. Cleaning is easy to do as well.”
–Sara, Texas


“I got the funnel yesterday and got it all set up for my son. It works great. Thank you for the great service.”
–Mary, Boise, Idaho


“The Urifunnel arrived in good time (can’t remember the exact number of days but not a long time) and has been fantastic. We have not had to clean the toilet floor outside of the regular cleaning times, which has been a huge amount of work taken off our shoulders. My son has accepted it and is quite happy to use the device.

We are very grateful for your ingenuity in creating the product and can’t thank you enough! With gratitude,”
–Alice-Ann, Brisbane, Australia


“I searched for months trying to find a device like this and am so happy I finally found you. My husband has dementia and thanks to the UriFunnel, I no longer need to clean the bathroom floor constantly. Thank you so much for inventing this great device for adults. God Bless you and your family.”
–Susan, San Antonio, Texas


“I don’t know what we’d do without the Urifunnel. Actually, we own three now! We have two of the larger models and now a smaller model – now that our son is better at aiming. We appreciate the smaller Urifunnel now because our bathroom is not that large.”

The new design is great. My husband, Bill, and I both agree that the handles are much better on this model, as there is no piping to come apart from the main unit. It was very easy to assemble. My husband figured it out immediately. The weight is great. It definitely meets all of our expectations.

We looked for a product like Urifunnel for a long time until my husband found you on the Internet. I cannot tell you what Urifunnel has saved me in cleaning – time and money. Before Urifunnel, the paint on our bathroom walls around the toilet would actually peal due to the urine splashes and my constant washing. It was embarrassing to have company over. My in-laws have seen how wonderful the Urifunnel is, and my mother-in-law has mentioned several times that she’d like to get one. And I don’t think she means for our son – I think she means for the men in her life in general! 😉

Thank you, Jorge, your creation has been such a blessing at our house, and it’s so nice to know there are others out there “like us” going through the same ups and downs of a disability and working to make life easier for those going down that path.”
–Holly Crookston, Minnesota


“The UriFunnel was a resounding success! Our custodians and special needs boy’s teachers give it their highest recommendation and our bathrooms have never been so clean. 50 five-year old boys is a challenge anytime but this product simply took one major step out of the cleaning equation. Simply spraying the UriFunnel with a disinfectant was the greatest amount of time invested in cleaning which saved real hours of manpower which is invaluable in a large school. The ease of installation – in just seconds – is a major bonus. So simple yet so effective!”
–Mark Rustan, Principal, Beard Elementary School in Helotes, TX 78023


“This has been a lifesaver for us. It was so difficult having to clean the bathroom several times a day. Thanks!”
–Celeste, Texas


“Thank you for the Urifunnel, it has been very helpful and I appreciate it. Thanks again for a stellar product! Sincerely,”
–Serge, Brooklyn, New York