Whether you’ve been there and done that, or about to start the process, we all want to (try to!) keep the bathroom clean when potty-training boys. Successful potty training steps are essential when working towards keeping your home and environment clean. This includes the overall health of the child as well as that of the home. The longer kids are in a diaper, they may be prone to rashes and other abrasions caused by wearing one. So once you know your child is ready to be potty trained, how do you keep everything clean while he is learning?

Now in terms of cleanliness, you can do the following; use a toilet bowl cleaner and brush the bowl once a week, spray the exterior of the toilet and the floor around it, place a trash can nearby for your child to deposit soiled pull-ups and any other garbage, and make sure to mop the bathroom. But a lot of these are pretty obvious, however, you can take extra measures to help your child out.

One technique that will come in handy is that once your child starts toilet training, do all diaper changes and everything else in the bathroom. This method sends the message to the child that the bathroom is the place where this sort of thing happens. This will definitely reduce messy problems in the rest of the house since the child will see the significance. Another important step is communication. Whether it’s teaching your child to inform you whenever he uses the potty to getting your child to the bathroom quickly.

Another popular option is having a potty chair or child seat for an adult toilet in multiple bathrooms, so you don’t have to rush to the one bathroom that has the right facilities for your child when the need to go is urgent. Potty chairs these days come in all varieties — some literally have bells and whistles. Even though they haven’t invented a self-cleaning potty chair yet, options like our very own Urifunnel are a perfect way to reduce a mess. It basically converts a regular toilet into a urinal instantly. The Urifunnel is made out a high-quality plastic so it won’t soil or smell, has slits where it sits in the bowl so when you flush the toilet so it pretty much cleans itself. There are several steps you can take to ensure a smoother learning experience. Make sure to try a combination of them to see what works best for you and your child.