How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean When Potty-Training Boys

Whether you’ve been there and done that, or about to start the process, we all want to (try to!) keep the bathroom clean when potty-training boys. Successful potty training steps are essential when working towards keeping your home and environment clean. This includes the overall health of the child as well as that of the […]

The Best Time To Start Potty Training Your Son

There’s not a magic formula to find out what the best time to start potty training your son it. There is also no perfect system when it comes to potty-training, what works for some may not work for others. A completely different approach is also needed when your child requires special attention. An abundance of […]

Urifunnel Announces the Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign

San Antonio, TX – Urifunnel is excited to announce the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo’s platform. The campaign’s goal is to raise funds that will be used to increase visibility and bolster their marketing efforts. Not enough people know about their solution and products, and they’d like to continue to empower those with […]

What is a Urifunnel (toilet urine splash guard)?

A Urifunnel is a unique toilet urine splash guard. It is a plastic funnel like device that sits inside any toilet to convert into a urinal. Think of it as a urine deflector, a pee guard, a urine shield, a urine splash guard, hygiene adaptive aid for the toilet. It acts as a shield to […]

Thank You Urifunnel Customers

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for our support and patronage to all our Urifunnel customers. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. I have had the pleasure of meeting & talking to many people who share our problems & triumphs. I am pleased that we are meeting or exceeding […]

Welcome to Urifunnel!

The Urifunnel Family of Products Necessity is the mother of invention. I agree completely. We have a son with special needs, and as many of you know there are many challenges for him, for us parents and to the entire family. We have solved just one of the these challenges. I will tell you this […]