There’s not a magic formula to find out what the best time to start potty training your son it. There is also no perfect system when it comes to potty-training, what works for some may not work for others. A completely different approach is also needed when your child requires special attention. An abundance of patience on the parents’ part and a reasonable degree of cooperation from the child can make a world of difference. Training a special needs child may be just a little bit more difficult than expected. Speaking to parents of children with special needs is all you need to receive a thorough understanding of the challenges they may face. And if you are a parent in a similar situation, you can definitely relate. The obstacles are endless and vary in each situation. The only thing you can do is try to make it as easy as possible on both your child and yourself.

The key is to start potty training when your boy is ready to learn. This may not be the traditional age that your neighbors’ son has started. You have to make sure they are physically able to. There’s no point in trying to get a head start. When parents begin potty training too soon, the process is likely to take longer than anticipated, only slowing down the learning curve. People learn by imitation, and watching you use the bathroom is a natural first step. He may notice that Daddy uses the potty differently than Mommy does, which creates a great opportunity for you to explain the basic mechanics of how boys use the bathroom.

Most experts advise buying a child-size potty, which your toddler can claim for his own and which will also feel more secure to him than sitting on a full-size toilet. When buying a potty for your son, look for one without a urine guard (or a removable one). Although they may protect your bathroom from a little stray pee, more often they tend to bump into and scrape a boy’s penis when he sits down on the potty. This is very important among the family members who have to clean the bathroom after use. A very popular solution has been the Urifunnel, which we’ve developed out of necessity from having our own special needs son. This product has helped thousands of families across the world. It is a perfect addition to assist in teaching a child with special needs an essential skill they will need for life. Just like Everyone Poops is a parental favorite, as is Uh, Oh! Gotta Go! and Once Upon a Potty, which even comes in a version with a doll and a miniature potty; the Urifunnel comes in several sizes and has made the lives of many users easier, from kids to the elderly needing assistance. It will give them the confidence to use the restroom by themselves and will give relief to the lives of the family members who have had to clean up after.

Potty training is no easy task and especially for those who require special attention. Any tools to help make this task easier, are welcome. Remember to be patient and ask for help from people who have been through the situation! They are the best resource in helping you and your child have the smoothest learning process! We hope these tips help you in finding the right time to start potty training your son.