About Urifunnel Portable Urinal

Portable UrinalThe Urifunnel portable urinal was designed for men and boys. It can be used to help with potty training, for special needs boys (including the vision-impaired), or by elderly men. Some families set the Urifunnel up at only at night to keep the bathroom clean when it is visited by sleepy little boys!

Urifunnel was created by a family with a special needs son. Among the many issues they struggled with for years were those involving toileting. The first Urifunnel was made by grandma using a modified and redesigned trash can (thanks, grandma!). This prototype served its purpose for years and made life just a little bit simpler for the whole family, but it was awkward and hard to store, so the Urifunnel was born!


How do I clean and store Urifunnel?
The Urifunnel portable urinal is easy to clean, remove and store. After flushing and spraying the Urifunnel with a gentle cleaning solution, simply set it in the tub, or purchase a convenient, sturdy stand for upright storage (available here).


Who can use Urifunnel?
Anyone who can use a urinal can use Urifunnel. Urifunnel is for boys and men who can stand without assistance. Though it is very sturdy, the Urifunnel is not intended for use as a balance aid.

How do you use Urifunnel?
Just like a regular urinal. Your potty-training or special needs son may need help at first. Some children try to lean over the Urifunnel, which is not necessary.

Which Urifunnel Should I Buy?
The 24″ Urifunnel is best for boys around 4′ tall and under. The 28″ is a good choice for most men and older boys. The 32″ is best suited for men over 6′ tall. The bedside Urifunnel is designed for use with portable bedside commodes and can be adjusted for height.

Will it work in my small/large/round/oblong/tall toilet?
The makers of Urifunnel have become a little obsessed with checking out commodes wherever they go and are happy to report that they have yet to find one that would not work with Urifunnel.

How long will the Urifunnel last?Portable Urinal for boys and men
With regular use, the Urifunnel will last for years.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Urifunnel offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Urifunnel for any reason, please contact us. We will refund the purchase price (minus shipping) when you return the item.



How to Assemble the Urifunnel